NASA's "failure mission": a fictional asteroid "destroys" New York and exposed a serious problem


What would happen if a huge asteroid headed for a very populated place like New York? Can court agencies keep it? What would happen if it finally hit heat? These are some of the questions of an exercise that must be solved by NASA experts and other agencies.

The exercise has shown the vulnerability of the planet to these Threats Spacial: Despite the efforts, The megabolf hit In New York City. In the test, organized for the 2019 Planetarium Defense Conference in Washington, 240 researchers participated Some countries.

The exercise

The virtual scenario began with the fictional situation of discovery on March 26, a NO (Near-Earth object) that astronomers consider potentially dangerous for Earth.

After a few months of follow-up, the observers predict that this neo will give 1 in 100 probability With impact on Earth in 2027 (in real life, the international community has decided that an impact of 1 in 100 is the threshold for action). They have eight years to stop him.

Once they found that the huge stone would impact the planet, NASA and space agencies around the world decided Send a fleet of projectiles To divert the asteroid.

The object is struck by these projectiles, but something unexpected happened: A piece of stone came off And four years later he went to Earth, especially to New York.

Artistic recreation of an asteroid. (Photo: DPA)
Artistic recreation of an asteroid. (Photo: DPA)

The little asteroid has entered the Earth's atmosphere at 19 kilometers per second on April 29, 2027, producing a large fireball or "Megabó Lido" and releasing 5-20 explosives.

The worst scenario happened: Nothing managed to keep the piece of asteroid That hit with force into the big apple and caused a real disaster.

The recovery operations of the Fima Division (Federal Emergency Management Agency) provided its conclusion Exercise: "It's valuable Since the work is now under performance, you need to identify questions and key issues for the scenario of Low probability and high consequence"

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