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NASA announced that three Asteroids will approach Earth – International


Three Asteroids will approach the Earth tomorrow at a distance of 353,650 kilometers, the closest to which separates the Moon's planet (384,400 kilometers), at a speed of 19.17 kilometers per second, reported by the center of the city. Land object studies of NASA.

The largest Space Curve of the three, labeled 2019 OD, whose diameter can reach up to 120 meters, will pass our planet on a path called "Earth to Earth", declared by NASA.

The other two objects can measure up to 53 and 110 meters in diameter and can reach a greater distance as the moon separates from the earth.

It is also reported that "none of the three site bodies represents a danger to our planet."

At the end of June, astronomers in Hawaii have detected MO9 Asteroid in almost four meters, a few hours before entering Earth's atmosphere, and smashed 380 miles south of San Juan in disaster.

The Asteroid 2019 OD is a near-Earth object of Apollo or Neo type.

NASA said "near-Earth Objects (NEOs) are comets and asteroids pushed by the gravitational attraction of planets to live orbits that allow them to enter the Earth's neighborhood."

Mostly composed of water ice with embedded dust particles, comets originally formed in the cold outer planetary system, while most rocky asteroids were produced in the warmer inner solar system between Mars and Jupiter orbits. (Your phone)

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