Mourinho's provocative move to Juventus fans and his commentary on the final river Boca


Manchester United
lost 1-0

. Cristiano Ronaldo, a former actor and former director

, reached the sole goal of the game. But in the end, within four minutes, the English team changed the story and stayed with the matches for Group H

Champions League
. It was electrification and the Portuguese coach had a special duel with Vecchia Signor fans. In addition, after the game, some words were dedicated to superphones



The Juventus public was hostile to Mourinho, former coach of Inter and the classic rivals of the entire Torino, and during the game he complained to the Portuguese coach. In response, the technical director put his hand on his ear after two goals from his team.

"I came to do my job and I was wounded in 90 minutes," said the coach. "I would not do this again, but I do not think I have offended anyone, and at that time I thought it was the right answer for those who complained about their entire family and also Inter," he added.

The Copa Libertadores final, which runs on Saturday, November 10 and 24, attracts attention around the world and Mourinho is no exception. Asked if he risked predicting the result on the game, he said: "I do not know, but I'll see."

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