Most Expensive Tolls: Today they are up 33% in North and West


The increase, which was already underway through a public consultation process, was organized by a joint resolution of the Ministry of Transport and the National Highway Directorate issued a few days ago by the Official Gazette.

By the way, The private cars that enter the federal capital of the top-of-the-box Saturday will pay $ 65 instead of $ 50.

Meanwhile, Those who enter the city from the province of Buenos Aires through the North, depending on the branch, will also increase between $ 15 and $ 20 per charge.

After this adjustment, Motorbikes coming through Debeneddetti and Marqweq must pay $ 60 instead of $ 45; While the site was growing from $ 50 to $ 65; And the Pilar companion jumped from $ 55 to $ 75.

The government argued that the update will "guarantee the operation of the toll roads and continue to develop the Comprehensive Works of Access Network to the City of Buenos Aires, which includes work to improve traffic conditions and road safety."

With the new rate chart, the current time band scheme has also been modified in the category of vehicle category 1, 2 and 3.

It also considers discounts of up to 50% for users who subscribe to the telepathic automatic collection system.

In addition to increasing numbers, the consumer will have to face other adjustments for the new year.

The administration of Mauricio Makri announced an average 40% increase in trumpet tickets and buses in the Buenos Aires metropolitan area, effective from the first quarter.

At the same time, the electricity tariff will increase by 55% over the 2019 period, which will begin to be applied to four stages in February, while the gas will increase by 35% from April.

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