More Ultima Thu Le Flibi, New Horizons Hits Pause on Data Dump


More Ultima Thu Le Flibi, New Horizons Hits Pause on Data Dump

A stereoscopic survey of the 2014 Mu 69 produced with some of the first data from the New Horizon flip flop by the Copper Belt object.

Credit: NASA / Journals Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory / Southwest Research Institute

The new horizons spacecraft fell silently yesterday (January 4), but the communication pause is expected, and scientists on the mission will have a lot of data to keep them occupied in the Intermediary mission staff members at a News Conference held January. .

The data blackout will last for about five days, mission major investigator Alan Star of the Southwest Research Institute said during the event, which is supposed to issue new discoveries about the copper belt object the probe just visited, called the 2014 Mu 69 and Nominated Ultima Thule . The spacecraft is right to start transmitting again on January 10.

The interference was triggered by the spacecraft space on the far side of the interference-causing sun, which prevents data transmission back to Earth by radio waves. (This is not a unique problem, the Parker Solar Probe, though billions of miles away from new horizons, experiences download breaks for precisely the same reason.)

Once again, the new horizons and the sun blend more favorably, the dump data will resume – though not fast. All told, it will take about 20 months for all the data now tried on the probe to be back on Earth. That data includes "literally hundreds of images and spectra and other data types," Stern promised.

But just because there's no new data coming in doesn't mean the scientists will be twisting their thumbs. "While the spacecraft is behind the sun, science teams will continue to work on the data we have," said the news conference.

The group will reunite in about two weeks, after transmission resumes, to review what they found in the DataReal on Earth and in the first case, after the blackout. "I expect there will be some pretty good news, so you'll hear from us again in just over two weeks with the additions to what we've already learned about this wonderful place," Stir said.

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