Mirta told the intimate talk she has with Vaninita after the rumor of romance with Ceres: "I asked about WhatsApp and …"


Rumors of romance between Juanita Viale And Luciano Caceres They explodedngel the Brito Launched the bomb at lamb on what would be one of the first summer of this season.

However, although the protagonists talked about rumors and said they only have very good vibes, the issue has risen at the table of The night of Mirtha Legrand.

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In the middle of a talk with José María Muscari In which they talked about the theater time and the work that starredTo the Voyanita Viale, The producer He has the spicy question about romance.

Without a quick turnaround, Chickwit said: "Don't say things that aren't true, don't again muscari".

Then he added: "If she likes … I asked him and he didn't. I asked about WhatsApp and he told me they were their comrades ".


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