Meet the new scam related to WhatsApp that circulates on the mobile


A new application called Profile Tracker for Whatsapp That promises to allow users to know Who looked at their profile picture in the applicationFinally, it's a scam.

A few days ago, an application called Profile Tracker for WhatsApp began to circulate, ensuring that users would have the opportunity to know what is looking for their profile image in the application. However, there is nothing more than a trick to having access to mobile phones.

In this way, it was found that The app only points to random and it's all a trick. The fact is that this fake application downloads advertising on smartphones and also hides mobile information and therefore asks the user for a ransom.

In this sense, the promising application excited many users,Or it was more like a ransomware, just like others that have been spreading recently.

The platform has also been removed from Google Play, but users are not warned about this deception APK files continue to circulate which allow you to download this app on your cell phone.

"The fake applications are the zombies in mobile security, so they grow so hard that they appear in the headlines, New functional applications replace those already marked for elimination. They will continue as a run in 2019 exacerbated by the fake versions of popular apps that make their rounds in Google Play Store, "They resist the company & # 39; Cybersecurity Avast.

Meanwhile, this is not the only seductive application, because in the mobile threats banking trojans are also out. These attacks recorded an annual growth of 150%. "We believe that cybercriminals believe that banking is a more reliable way to make money than the cryptocurrency miner," they concluded.

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