Marriott hotel company confirmed that hackers accessed passport numbers of millions of customers


The hotel company MarriottOne of the largest in the world today, the number of people affected by the computer attack has been reduced in November, but in three. He confirmed that access to hackers' data is that of millions of their customers.

In a statement, the company encrypted 383 million "maximum potential" Of people whose data may have been accessed by hackers, compared to 500 million were initially announced on November 30.

Among the personal information that hackers accessed, there are more than 5,000,000 Unencrypted passport numbersThat is to say, they are not locked by a password and so they can read the pirates upon accessing them and twenty million encrypted.

"We have no record of the unauthorized third party (hackers) if the encryption master key is required to decrypt the encrypted passport numbers", Noted the hotel range.

Other information that hackers have accessed was the email addresses of clients and credit or debit cards of 8.6 million people, although all of them were encrypted, which would in principle not be possible. Read the numbers.

Marriott discovered this attack on November 19, when an internal investigation determined that an unauthorized access to a database with information related to the reserves on the properties of its starwood subsidiary worldwide prior to September 11th. From 2018.

This subsidiary of the company manages the hotel brands, hotels, st. Regis, Sheraton Hotels & Resorts, Westin Hotels & Resorts, Element Hotels, Aloft Hotels, The Luxury Collection, Tribute Portfolio, Meridian Hotels & Resorts, practice shows by Sheraton and Design Hotels.

The government has accused China of being behind the dive.

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