Marcelo Tinelli disagrees with his production company in America: all details of the new program


LaFlia, The producer of Marcelo Tinelli, Has a summer with on-air programs and several pending projects. They lead to the Channel 9 cycle José María Listorti And Denise Dumas, Must see, Now joined Cutting and tailoring, The fact of that Andrea Politti That became one of the successes of the 2019 which has just begun.

The politics program hit the people and the numbers numbers are encouraging, it turns into The most watched program of your time zone. Following this line of creativity for different channels, Lafayette presented a project for the American screen, Led by the winners of Dancing 2018, Yulian Serrano And Sofia Morandi.

Production Star Star Producers, Chato Prada, Federico And Guillermo HoppeMet with the US and US authorities They presented the pilot The basementA cycle of recreation that leads the two youths, who are followed by millions of teenagers in social networks.

The program aims at the youngest and will have an aesthetic according to the two influencers who will manage it. In the month of November, Laflya recorded the pilot, a month before it ended ShowmatchBecause They saw the potential of Julian and SophiaAlso because of the chemistry that continued to be participants with Tinyelli.

This program is currently interacting with other platforms and taking the impact of the two into social networks. The producers are very enthusiastic about the final result and that's why they presented it in America, where they are very shocked. For the quality and for the good functioning of the couple's drivers.

In this way, Lafayette would be diversified and, if the project was realized on the American screen, Tinelli's production company Have Programs on Channel 9, Tears And Now Also In America, Without Counting On The Possibility Of Doing A Funky Phone Program To celebrate the thirty years Video chat On the screen.

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