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In the context of a phenomenal adaptation, which has been ordered by the IMF, which also covers culture and art, it is impoverished international film festival Mar del Plata It is developing this issue number 33. Not only this year, the biggest event in Argentina has two days less, but also made virulent cuts that are missing movies, guests and journalists, with a removal that includes a clip.

In this context, it is flammable Secretary of Culture, Pablo Avelluto, he stopped in front of those who attended the opening and wanted to pretend that nothing was happening, but spectators at the Auditorium Theater reported that things were not free.

Avelluto booed

His words were interrupted by the cries of "cynical"! and "a liar!" but which was not reproduced with other officials, such as dear ones host of the festival, José Martínez Suárez. The art director of the exhibition also participated at the opening, Cecilia Barrionueva and INCAA, Ralph Haiek, which also He received some flutes before his speech.

The MDQ Festival risks losing its category of Class A festival due to the financial blows it has suffered. The two-day reduction, which this year penalizes, also has the potential for degradation.

Undoubtedly, the star of the first days of the competition is a popular French player Jean Pierre Léaud, the protagonist of an unforgettable classics Francois Truffaut, 400 golopov, who received the prize for the trip.

On the other hand, Martínez Suárez He repeated the cube, which he has been monitoring almost from the beginning in his eleven years at the head of the festival and says that this edition is the best of all.

"We celebrate this festival more humanistic cinema. Cinema that is committed to more sensitive contexts ", stressed Barrionueva, the first woman to take up the artistic leadership of the festival.

Lucrecia Martel (photo: MDQ Festival)

Lucrecia Martel (photo: MDQ Festival)

Meanwhile, Ovation also went for the director Lucrecia Martel (La ciénaga, Zama) and Mercedes Morán, as well as for Narcissa Hirsch, a pioneer of the Argentine experimental film, who received the Astor Prize on the go and were rewarded for their contribution to the National Cinema.

Morán thanked that for the first time at the international festival Mar del Plata, a forum on the perspective of films and genders will be held. "I have taken them to women who are fighting who have fought and for whatever we want to achieve, what law!", She is dismissed in connection with the legalization of abortion.

Cecilia Barrionuevo closed the opening with a presentation Dream Florianópolis of Argentine director Ana Katz, in which they play Mercedes Morán and Gustavo Garzón, who went with all appearances on the stage

Closing will be the 17th place with Rome, Mexican directors and conqueror Alfonso Cuarón (Gravity, "And also your mother").

During the ceremony, they thanked the Embassies of France – the host country, the French Institute of Argentina, Unifrance, the Embassy of Sweden and the Swedish Film Institute, the Embassy of Germany and the Goethe Institute, the Embassy of Spain and the Spanish Cultural Center. Embassies of Canada, Embassy of Chile and Matt Cultural Center and FIAFP.

The International Film Festival Mar del Plata will also receive the Guest of Honor Award a Léos Carax and Pierre Richard, who will present the iconic titles of his films, also Mark Berger, Laura Huertas Millán, Fran Healy, Valeria Sarmiento, Don McKellar, Želimir Žilnik and Patricia Mazuy.

The public can also take part in the masterclass Mark Berger at Cine Los Gallegos, and see on the big screen step by step creation "Parthenon of Marta Minujin's forbidden book ".

On Wednesday, November 14, President of the festival José Martínez Suárez will be honored at the MAR Museum with the presentation of a book that includes a collection of his five films (The face, The crack, The guys did not use Arsenic, Chantas and Nights without the moon or the sun) and the screening of the movie Fantje were not previously used by arzenik, a unique opportunity to meet with the filmography of the master of the great directors of our time and living memory of our festival.

The jury of the international competition consists of María Alche, Maria Bonsanti, Valérie Massadian, Lluís Miñarro, Andrei Ujica. At the Latin American competition, they will be judged by Adam Cook, Camila Donoso and Lee Sang Yong. Andy Starke, Violeta Kovaesles, José Luis Torres Leiva will be the jury of the Argentine competition, and the Altered States competition will feature the jury Laura Huertas Millán, Natalia Marín, Mark Peranson. This year, the competition will be judged by Chiara Marañón, Nico Marzano, Hernán Musaluppi.

Tickets for this edition cost 45 pesos and 20 for students and retired people. Complete programming at (where you can also get tickets).

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