Macri's legacy is his foreign policy and the political coalition that supports his presidential revolt


Mauricio Macri's political construction is an unprecedented historical fact that the current economic crisis hides without attenuation. Since 1916, the Casa Rosada was known for radicals, military, paranois, conservative coalitions, poorly-governed government of Puerto Rico de Iriro, honest presidents harassed by media and unions, bloody dictators, pragmatic and privatizing leaders, alliance trafficked by ineffectiveness and marriages That dreamed of eternal power. Macri leaned on this zigzagging past and designed a unstable coalition that keeps Justicialism at bay and has a chance to win in the presidential elections of 2019. If this happened, there will be no dominant domains in Argentina and Peronism will not have another alternative to Review their ideology and tactics, if they intend to retrieve the control of Balcares 50.

Turn to the center and compliance with the IMF

Macri reading some classical authors, no military training and political ideology are close to the capitalist history, which wrote in the "Atlas Rebelion". However, The President examined his personal sensitivity, buried his personal precautions and ran to the center of the ideological scenario when he ordered a formidable state aid for social movements that try to collect millions of poor people suffering from economic adjustment.

This decision by Makry contains a paradox in the construction of power. The leaders of the social movements decline the President, they are in French with Santa Marta and they dream of returning from Cristina Fernández to the Casa Rosada. KFC, not like Cambiemos, has nothing to end political patronymic and adopted an imposing distribution of millions of dollars that should have benefited the most appointed levels of Argentina (Hebei de Bonafini will be judged by that modus operandi that left you without home and without dreams To thousands of voters of permanence).

Macri knows that in electoral terms, the payments giving social movements a zero amount, but he understood the importance of the state in social containment, and has long decided not to make political speculations with funds for social movements. This perspective of government is exploited by the pioneer factions that are looking for a presidential candidate to defeat in 2019.

With everything, Macri's sensitivity is not enough to fill his scant knowledge about the adjustment plans that the International Monetary Fund has executed in Latin America. The IMF promoted economic measures that have struck the area and its soft loans always implicitly represent a vertical drop in salaries, pensions, public investments and items to determine the most appointed sectors. Max and his controversy: It allows millions to social movements-which do not agree for it- and accept IMF adjustment measures that fall mercilessly on the middle class, its voters who elected him over Daniel Scolii in 2015 and who hesitate to support him again in 2019 .

The President trusts a handful of US dollars. It. Trained officials with experience in the complex financial world of Wall Street. Security Without Political Condition Predict His Peaceful Career to Presidential Re-Election. Macri believed in his gurus of the Central Bank and the Treasury Palace, and when his study curve showed him that his government was plummeting, he relied on his instinct, invested a significant amount of external support and closed with the IMF A design adjustment that made society crunch.

The President still does not accept the rules of traditional politics – "Roska", in simple terms – and a monetary program that smells of Naples for the middle class that supports its government dreams has been loaded into its public image. Makry competes with KFC or other variables of permanence, and its triumph in 2019 is uncommon that the economic situation still does not clear.

Court, notebooks and corruption

Macri is an engineer and has a little experience in the courts. It is the first time in democracy, from Raul Alfonsin to the fact that the Supreme Court is a political variable that does not respond to the direct impulses of the Casa Rosada. The judiciary's court hears the embargoes of Cambies, but they are not inclined to facilitate the institutional agenda of Bulkare 50. Masri assumes the problems of the political affiliation between the Court and the Presidency, but raises new rules of the game that in politics Traditionally appreciate as a caliber suicide. The President intends to adopt the effective independence of the high court, even if it improves the rules that could reduce public spending negotiated with Christian Lagarde.

The founder of the "Customs Q" set in control of Macri's relationship with important businessmen, he met when his father Franco was a benchmark in the national economy. The President hears laments, becomes judges and opinions close to political tightening. He is confronted with direct relatives, friends of the blood and representatives of the so-called "home contractor". But he did not move a finger, he did not make a single call: he left judge Claudio Bonadio and prosecutors Carlos Stornelli and Carlo Rivoolo, which advanced to levels never seen in the story of Comodoro Pi.

Max is concerned about the economic impact of the caseodnos case and has no problems with political gestures with his Leflong friends. When it is clear that Paolo Rocca would be prosecuted, the President traveled to Vaca Muerta and placed with the CEO of the Techint Group. That Jeremy describes Makri: He knew the evidence against Roca and did not care. For the president, friendship has an intrinsic value that exceeds a cause invested in the courts of Buenos Aires.

The fight against corruption in Argentina is a value that is recognized abroad. The procedural situation of Christina and most of the members of her government are selected in each of the conversations that Makri faces every time she lands in the United States and Europe. The President comments on what he knows and then assures that KFC will not return to the Casa Rosada. Macri's interlocutors do not understand how Cristina can win the presidential elections of 2019, despite the open-ended reasons she faces in the courts of Komodoro PI. Before this commentary, Macri repeats his political perspective and shrugs. He is tired of doing the same thing in every tour that he embarks on to Europe and the United States.

Macri said that at the beginning of his fourth year in office, the most economical economy would reduce the inflation to one figure, and that the power of necessity could be a lower picture than the Criminals' Provider. But that dream collapsed due to own errors and is linked to economic interdependence. However, the President not only successfully organized the G20 Summit, but also ratified that the battered global order seems to be a regional reference. And that the geopolitical support, in prison, allowed the Komimiemos administration to close two successive agreements with the International Monetary Fund.

No ideological differences or power projects that are connected to the global agenda, Macri is sponsored by Donald Trump, Shi Jinping, Vladimir Putin and Emmanuel Makron, among other global leaders. There is no history in the history of modern Argentine democracy that a president exhibits such international support. Raul AlphaChin has Europe, Carlos joined the United States and the couples couple with Venezuela and Cuba. Maxi is supported by Fifth Continents and, if its economic plan is projected forward, it would seem that his foreign policy will be the legacy of his first term.

The President can not provide convincing figures linked to the economy, or demonstrate that he has fulfilled his promises with poverty and indigencies. However, Macri is in a position to prove that there was no corruption in public works and that freedom of expression was at its best. But those are values ​​that belong to the democratic system, although in times of nestor and Christina are placed in clams. Lázaro Báez and 678 are examples of an unforgettable period.

In this context, and despite the different views examined by Susana Malcorra and Jorge Faurie, foreign policy excels in the institutional results of the first three years of the presidential term. Macri connected Argentina with the world and achieved the historic event of the G20 Summit. It is not enough for a president who is bored when traveling to the General Assembly of the United Nations, a mandatory appointment of world diplomacy.

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