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Lucyana Salazar answers the 12 most embarrassing questions: "I have a fetish with soap to wash clothes"


1 – In what age did you discover that you wanted to be part of the entertainment world?

– From very young, in five years old, I was very clear that I wanted to be an actress and singer. My uncle Palito Ortega He was my idol. At first it cost me a lot because my parents did not support me in the acting career. Then I started dramatic art and left advocacy. And there was easier.

2 -Advantages and disadvantages of a famous final name?

– It opens doors to you in this environment: If you want to be known, a family is an important door. But later, if you can't sustain it in time, that's not worth anything. We must support it with gift or charisma, if not, it's not enough.

3 – Do you have a great love or you are still looking for it?

– I had some great love. As a child I fell in love with a boy; Later in my youth, I had two great dear ones: one was five, the other three. And with one of them I was about to get married. Still, of bigger, they were important love. But I feel that more than I loved more deeply: I felt like another kind of love. The great love of my life is about to come. The day I find the man who hides me, who wants to shape or join the family, who will ultimately be the great love of my life.

4 -If you lose a settlement with Martin RedRado?

-From Martin Redrado I prefer not to speak. Although he has a very loving gesture with someone who missed me, and he came out to explain it, he did it because it was true and to protect me. I liked the gesture. But I prefer not to talk about it.

5 – How many secrets do you keep?

– I love it, not for having married people, they are not my goal, but secret because I was always very jealous of my privacy. Except when there was Martin Reddrod's; We are both public. Many of the beloved ones who have been awarded to me are true; Others had a lie: some didn't even know their names. Many celebrities are behind me.

-In pesos yeah, I'm a millionaire.

7 -What cosmetic surgery wouldn't you do?

I would not stand in line. First, because I don't need it (laughs). And then, because I've seen very bad results with that. Processes are not very aesthetic.

8 – Do you imagine weighing 20 kilos more?

-I never thought about what it would be like if I had 20 kilos more. I doubt that could happen because I have very little physics. My weight never exceeds my life.

9 – Who are you going to vote for October?

I'm quite disappointed: I was expecting a third option, and I think so Federal Alternative It could be an option. The bursts deepened: That was previously not what it is now. I'm like upset. I do not know if I am going to vote, I think seriously.

10 – What do you like to do most in your home?

I'm not able to be in the house, but I like to wash the machine: I'm a fetish with soap, with the amount I put on and it smokes rich (clothes). At home, the washing machine I handle. I am very meticulous with the cabinets: I order clothes by color. I'm very maniac.

There's an anonymous donor: One doesn't know the identity, or its name, I don't know anything. I know how old you are, I can see a picture of when I was little, and that's all I know about it, as well as the possible diseases of the family to see its medical record.

Luciana in a preview of "Bailando", with her Matilda and Marcelo Tinelli (video: El Trece)

12 – Do you want to give Matilda a little brother?

– Today is not my priority. If I found the person who was my big love to form a family or join me, I would like it. But today I think we are fine with Matilda. Being a mother is something new every day, a day to day to see how your daughter is surprised. One is studying. For now I love it very much, with my divine daughter watching you grow up. It's my biggest concern.

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