Luciano Caceres, about conflicts with Gloria Carrá: "I did not have them, but there were"


The actor talked about his relationship with his daughter's mother and Angela Torres

After the separation, the relationship between

Luciano Caceres


Gloria Carrá

He was a moment of turbulence when she was
He began a legal dispute against him, accusing him of not meeting the food quota that the judge had arranged for their daughter, Amelia. Guest in
PH: We can talk, The actor referred to the topic.

When Andy Cussettoff asked who was still talking to his ex, Luciano stepped forward. The driver asked him if there were trouble with Carrá. "I did not have them, but there were," he said.

Once, Andy wanted to know if the relationship between them is better or worse. "I do not know if it is better or worse, they are different points of view, but it is always a very preferred priority, which is Amelia, I have the focus on the care that implies, and responsibilities as well, never fail In responsibilities ".

The actor also referred to his left

Angela Torres

, Sister of his daughter, with whom at some point it was said that he had friction. "I have no interchange with you, and Angela with me or what happens is that there are media items in the middle," he said. "I said Angela's adolescence, and we lived typical of that age, once I took the door out of the room to hold slamming doors," she laughed.

"I love you with madness, she has a pretty relationship with her sister, Amelia loves her, and I admire her, she is a tremendous artist with an incredible background, there are artists for her whole family, her grandmother, her mother, everyone . "

This week, in a note with the program
Confronted, Lucyano has referred Carrá's complaint at the beginning of 2017. "The food issue was more of you than the real thing, since I always complied, there is no way to deal with that, so the site is ruled out in my favor. Because if you do it for home banking it is impossible to lie about it, I'm always calm.

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