Love at first sight, a search-after reunion and the exact question: the 30 years of love of Ricardo Daren and Florencea Bass


"Florence is not the same. It is constantly changing, Is in permanent motion. Every day it is amazing to me in some ways, it's amazing. She is a woman who does not leave you any type of routine. To say that she was given a sense of my life is to fall short; Without a doubt, he saved me"

Thirty years have passed since they are married and Ricardo Darín He is still in love Florence Bass As of the first day. The actor met his wife when he was 30 years old and starred in the musical Sugar In the Lola Membrives.

It was the end of 1987 when she, 18, went on Corrigenes Avenue and found the actor who was eating at the popular Pizzeria Bankero. Florence, that I studied translating "english"He did not recognize the actor until he left the premises to look for her and tried to start a conversation.

Everything was in a short flirtation and many accomplices smiles. She continued on her way home and called her friend to tell her that she was dazzled by the eyes of the actor. Together, they planned a new meeting that they had to pass as casual, as it was the first.

The next day, they set out for a coffee at another bar near the theater where Daren sounds next to Susana Giménez and Arturo Puig In the successful musical. The plan worked as they thought: the actor left the Lola Membrrives, went and saw Florence and her friend through the window.

He did not hesitate, he entered and made an invitation that he could not miss: "Do we dance?". So began the love story that was signed with the wedding on April 18, 1988. Later, the children would arrive: Ricardo – To whom they are nicknames Chinese And he's 29- and Clara, of 24.

Love still love

In 1999, the couple decided to take some time and they were separated for two years until they decided to rush again into love with a romantic figure of the actor. One time, at the time when they were not together – and they promised not to tell what each of his private life was going through the neighborhood of Palermo, he saw the house that during his engagement with Florence, he realized that his home was

He bought it and called his then ex, they reconciled and did not say again. "The floor did not shake us when we distanced ourselves, that we got the abrasion of separation and that we finally recovered, had a huge value of its own. We re-elected and that sapphire the relationship"Said the actor on more than one occasion about the crisis.

Both have defined their relationship as "honest" love. And the last days, the actor has an interview in Spain that has pushed the European media for his romantic statements. "Florence is a fierce fighter, and she is not afraid of anything. And what she has done for our children is impressive. I also contributed to my sand of grain, but it could not be compared, "he said to his wife.

The response from Florence was not long in coming and he chose to do it through his personal Twitter account: "I love you, you're my favorite routine for more than 30 years, I admire you and I'm proud to be your partner, you are a generous, sensitive and honest guy, and you make me so happy".

In this way, and manifested his love day by day, Ricardo Darín and Florencia Bas They are added to the famous couples who maintain their relationship in time. Stick Angola LaFort and Viviana Sáez, Guillermo Andino and Carolina Pratt, Dolores Barrero and Matias Camisani, Patricia Sosa and Oscar Mediavilla, Nicoláspetto and Nicolas Rappetto and Nicolas Pepig, Gillermo Francella and Marinas Brazas, Katherine Fulop and Ova Sabatini, Florence Raggi are some of Those who knew love and strengthened their partner over the years.

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