Little improvement on Fernando de la Rúa, who is still on board – 01/04/2015


Former President Fernando de la Rua continues to hospital in hospital Australia's pilarage still saves a cardiovascular disease, but recorded a "slight improvement, with a decrease in medication," sources close to the radical guide told Clarin. It is also pointed out that the La Rua "continues to care with Widow".

The radical leader entered the care center on the first day of the year. The only part of the Australian Hospital, on Thursday, was that he had a "severe condition" and that he was sedated and in mechanical ventilation in the critical care area.

On December 12, former president Fernando de la Rua shared a dinner at the end of the year in which he was recently seen in public. Clarin He knew about some guests who, on the one hand, were very animated and in the toast he was asking for the welfare of the country. But on the other, they also saw him physically deprived.

The dinner was organized by the "DATAS" group, which brings together, among others, entrepreneurship of the Jewish community. The 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations was commemorated.

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