Liquidated Sol Pérez in the Networks! "The ordinary had to go"

Last night a tense night is spent in the dancing of 2018. There are emotions, tears, tears, elimination and controversy. It was the night that the participants wanted to avoid. However, he arrived and left a famous who was aiming for the title: Natalie Weber. The model does not get the phone instance and was supposed to be over Sol Pérez

It seems that the elimination of Natalie did not quit the netizens. They showed their discomfort and destroyed the weather girl. "Unfair Removal of Natalie!", "Relaxed More The Quillbera of the Sun", "A Fake Fake!" Natalie Van but she is not a disgusting quillber than the other Asso "The Bardo Garpa for the program" and " To go, "are the readidarios of the users.

However, the weather girl got 51.38% of the votes and was among the top eight best participant in the dance competition. Now the goal is another. With the wife of Mauro Zárat, on Tuesday night the hambage rhythm began, and the first couple went out to the dance floor, the youngest of the contest, a dance to remember the family cinema in which she recruited films like Toy Story , Losing amazing and Coco. But the stinging of the jury and convinced Julian Saran and Sophie Morandi with a low score: 9 points.

It seems that the last two Rhythms of the 2018 season will be very hot and the juries will be finer than ever. The electoral foot will continue next Thursday with the presentation of the contestants who are still making their debut in the tribute, and those who stand out most of them are Jimena Ram, Lunds Sanchez, Synthia Fernandez and Maria del Serro. They are some of the famous ones that point to the title of dancing.

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