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A team of specialties in nutrition, agriculture and the environment proposed a new diet and said that the world had to change its diet.

According to a new study we would have to eat a hamburger a week. That is all we should eat for the sake of our health and that of the planet. According to the report, the amount of Ye that we should consume is less than four per week. Dairy products should be served one day, or maybe less.

The report is organized by food, which is a non-profit organization based in Stockholm that seeks to improve the system. Feeding, It was published in the medical magazine Lancet.

This team is made up of experts in nutrition, agriculture and the environment. They recommend that the daily diet be composed of Food Of vegetable origin, with arguments supported by previously published studies, which are linked to red meat with a greater risk of health problems.

The experts who wrote the report said that a "major transformation" would be needed urgently Food"By the year 2050 and the ideal diet they outlined is flexible enough to adapt to cultures Food Of the planet.

Normally, this diet is focused on whole grains, beans, fruits and most vegetables. They also point out that you have to add added sugar, refined white rice grains, and starch such as potatoes and cassava. They also suggest that the average consumption of red meat should be halved around the world, although changes are hiding from the region and the most drastic reductions would have to be made in the richest countries.

However, convincing people to limit the consumption of meat, cheese and eggs is not going to be an easy task, especially in places where they Food They are part of the culture.

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