Lenovo Reveals A Historic Mobile Phone "Cap"


While the industry seems to have forgotten about phones with a built-in keyboard and cover, one company appealed to them. Old concept of "Agorgiornar" to the new times of folding screens. This will appear in the market The new Motorola RAZR, launched for the first time in 2004, but with a significant change in image.

According to some sources, Motorola-based Lenovo, I would work with the telecommunication companys Verizon In an exclusive "Clamshell" folding, flexible phone with a flexible screen.

Meanwhile, The Wall Street Journal He released a notice detailing this Lenovo structure. It is estimated that 200,000 units will be manufactured, but the new device will not be cheap. The price will be around $ 1,500 when you arrive in FebruaryOr, a figure that will put it above the flagships Apple and Samsung.

So far Lenovo didn't make the features of the new phone clerk Razr, But everything shows the screen they will use It will be OLED, precisely, for its flexibility.

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