Lavagna and Massa were top, secret and without photos


Lavagna and Masa, during an act for the 2017 legislative elections campaign Source: Archive

They met in the neighborhood of Saavedra, after meetings with the economist with Lifschitz and Pichetto, who shook him to the presidential race.

Still in his home in Karil O –
And share photos with them – to the governor of Santa Fe,

Michael Liefschitz

, And the national senator

Angel Angel Pichetto

Who, in subsequent statements, was commissioned to upload him to the presidential race,

Roberto Lavagna

He met the day before yesterday at his home in Buenos Aires.

Sergio Massa

. Alone, without advisers or photos.

The contrast can be interpreted from more than one end. That it was more than one meeting every 15 days – and months ago – The former Minister of Economy and the leader of the Renovating Front shared, and who, like previous ones, does not need to be turned down or disappointed. Otherwise, not to mention the other extreme, the option has been chosen so that the link between Masa and Lavagna was not equated with that of the rest of the parishioners who were approaching the days of the economist.

The two visions are part of the theories that were wandering yesterday at the protagonists, who in all cases denied that the national post-replication of Lavagna had generated tension with the Tigrense, which had been laundered by its presidential ambition and had in Lavagna, since 2013 To a consultant and political partner, not a competitor. Not because Lavagna's candidacy is a reality, but because we are reminiscent of a shadow that overshadowed the movements of Masa, Pichetto and the third contender for the federal alternative, the Salta governor won the Manuel urtubiy.

The actual projection of that shadow is also a matter of debate. With Lifschit in the lead, those who visited Lavagna in the last few days did not hesitate to say that the economist is interested in giving the fight, but raised conditions that would be impossible today: that former minister would be a candidate for Opposition without internal power and enough power to get the polarization between President Mauricio Macri and Cristina Kirchner.

To achieve this proposal, it would only be necessary to convince Masa, urtubiy and the voters of the former president.

They repeat the same mantra of other electoral years in the close environment of Lavagna: the economist does not think of being a candidate, that he believes it is "young people's time" and that he is only interested in helping to build An electoral unit capable of being translated into a national unity government.

They say that progressives, such as Governor Lipschit, need a figure like that on the presidential ballot, so as not to force their voters to participate in an internal or national party, socialism, to become a cashier of the ambitions of Masa, Urbioti and Pichetto.

They also realize that behind the emphatic support of Edward Dahalde and some grammar castrates to Lavagna hides the will to set foot on the negotiating table that the candidates of federal alternative try to deploy with the PJ governors.

Speaking of the Nation, Massa and Lavagna, did not raise the mystery of the meeting in the neighborhood of Saavedra. "Roberto is a generous guy who always puts his shoulder to building a political alternative and represents a beacon that Argentina sees when it thinks of growth and more in times of economic crisis," his boss Tigrin said. But nothing about the meeting. In this he matched with Lavagna.

At the front of the Renovador, they left the left between Masa and Lavagna with anecdotes of the time in which they both exceeded the transition between the Presidency of Edward Dalhde and the North Gate.

But above all, they seem to be the first time that "from the outside" you try to shake the relationship. They pointed out that not only Daniel Scioli as Churchman's presidential candidate but also Mauricio Masri as president-elect tried to add Lavagna to his teams.

A restaurant from the Mendoza roots and a new raid this weekend will take him first to the interior of Buenos Aires and then to the north of the country, Maas prefers to leave behind the novel Lavagna.

Yesterday, he presented Argentina's success report, which ranges from work, health and education to disparities among the most abandoned provinces and federal capital, to the imbalance of men and women.

With his report under his arm, he will leave today for General Madagascar and Tordillo, and on Monday to Maipu and Coronel Vidal, in the province of Buenos Aires; While on Tuesday he will travel to Salta, where he will meet with urtubiy, and on Wednesday to Tukuman. Followed by his own shadow.

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