Laurita Fernández, About The Time In The Dancing Jury: "It Wasn't The Place I Did Most"


The figure of Sugar He talked about his debut on the rock and he didn't want to return to his job. "If I go back to dancing," he said Intruders

Laurita Fernandez spoke in intruders about her time in the dancing jury

Still standing out like a dancer on them Dancing And to be crowned champion next Fat Ball, Laurita Fernández (27) Taking the big leap and going from the track to the jury, a lot of coveted by many figures from the show.

However, his experience was not entirely positive since he became the target of difficult and powerful confrontations, such as the crossings with Cinthia Fernández, Soledad Fandiño, Mica Viciconte And Marcasoli floor.

Remained the contest and full time Sugar At Mar del Plata, Laurita spoke from a cell phone with Intruders, He pointed out that he was not comfortable in this place and listed the reasons.

"The jury isn't the place I loved the most … The point isn't the return, it was all around, but until I experienced it, I didn't understand what I loved. Dancing ".

"You did a bad time Showmatch In the last era? You just said "they wanted to charter us", "in the end we're not (with Floor Pina) So disposable. "Do you have a bad time in the program?" He asked Adrián Pallares. And the protagonist of Sugar He is honest: "The journalist isn't the place I loved, and I tell them (the producers), but I also thank them because I know it's a privilege site and many want to occupy the place.. That they trust me is great. "

In this line, he added: "This I also told them in the last day, that there were many times that I abandoned them like these" for many it is a game, but if they say It's not like the camera is off, I'm hugging you and we're all friends, so yes, it's a game that I don't know how to play very well, go and answer it. .. because the point is not the return itself, it was all that happened around, but until I lived it, I didn't realize that what I was doing Enjoyed the most is dancing and not in front of so many fronts.

"For a lot of things I do not have a good time, but not for them, but for the things that are given in the program, in general, the discussion and the action I do not like."

When listening to his release, he asked, "If you come back to dance?" It was that Laurita said with a smile: "Yes, undoubtedly, it helped me learn a lot, the things that used to fuck me, and suffered them, and realized that they were about the program and I stopped doing so. But before I came home, I wanted to make a hamburger and I would cry. "

Recently, Fernandez noted that there was less than his journal as jury: "For many things, I do not have good time, but not for them, but for the things that are given in the program. In general, the discussion and the action don't like me. "

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