Latinos in the US There. Are more likely to suffer from arthritis


The Arthritis Affects all people, including children, however Spain is more than twice as likely to be disabled and Have damage to your joints.

According to the director of the School of Medicine's Rheumatology Program at the Albert Einstein Hospital at the Bronx in New York, Irene Blanco, there are more than 100 arthritis, but they are the inflammatory ones, among them The rheumatoid and gout are the causes of disabilityAnd which can lead to a patient who needs a replacement surgery, such as a knee.

In a month of May dedicated to raising awareness about the disease, the teacher and specialist explained that they do not have medical insurance or good coverage, they can not work to participate, they do not have financial resources, they do not Rheumatologist close and not able to buy expensive drugs that are not covered by insurance are factors that affect disability.

Stresses that There are not enough rheumatologists in the US And in certain areas far away from cities, people have to travel hours to see the specialist.

USA's College of Rheumatologists warned By 2030, the specialists will be reduced in the country because they will expire when the demand for patients is growing for a long time.

"While you spend all that time until you find a rheumatologist and you know you have rheumatoid arthritis, there is damage to your joints. Tends to affect Latinos more and always has damage more commonly than other groups"Blanko said.

"It is not necessary that Latinos go less to the doctor, that is, they should have fewer resources"Rheumatologist, born in the United States, says of an Ecuadorian mother and a Cuban father.

Specific joints of rheumatoid arthritis: lHands, wrists, elbows, shoulders, knees, and cause sufficient damage and disability.

Clinically, the rheumatoid acid is found in people over 50 years of age but can affect youth. "It affects the whole body so the person can have problems with the eyes, the heart, the inflammation of the lungs, and others, so it's important that they go to the rheumatologist," he says.

Many are unaware of the bulk of the disease, but those living with Rheumatoid can count on a guide written in Spanish by patients and supervised by rheumatologists, launched by Creakies, A non-profit organization founded in 1999 to educate and support them, which can be found here.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), there are 4.4 million Latina's diagnosed with all kinds of arthritis in the United States; 37.2 million Anglo-Saxons and 4.6 million African Americans.

The reason for this difference is unknown, says Blanko, but what is known is that when they develop the disease they are more than twice as likely to be disabled and to suffer from their joints.

The Paraguayan marches of Campos know what it is to live with arthritis and damage it can cause. For many years he went from physician to physician to look for what caused the pain he felt in his body.

When he finally received the diagnosis, at age 25, he could not walk, he needed a wheelchair.

"I always felt weak, but I do not know I was connected to the disease, it is difficult to say in what age the pain started because it was a long time to get to the point where I was diagnosed," he Says.

"There was another pain from what you feel when exercising, it is a pain that is connected, the arms with the back, you feel like fire, sometimes electricity," Campos recalled, who lives with other illnesses and despite the pain of yoga. In New York

He said he still knew he would live with the rheumatoid he cried and thought he had two options:Continue to suffer or change my thinking and accept it as an adventureAlthough not chosen, this is what I decided ".

Campos says he started looking for information to find out that it's not that much. That's why she is now the Latino spokesperson for the creatives and shows that with the guides that can be downloaded for free, she wants Latinos to know "that they have options that they can continue to live and try even if they have arthritis."

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