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The long last between River and Boca was completed almost a month ago. And at this time, it seems that some of the protagonists took the opportunity to reflect on everything they experienced in one of the most important decisive encounters in history. Leonardo Ponzio, for example, spoke in the last few hours and told us some details of what was played around the game.

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First, it was expressed about the indications that led to the suspension in the monumental and all that was said. "We always wanted to play the final with Boca, they catch us in a very selfish way in football, lack of solidarity, and we understood that if we were going to answer it, it would be a round trip and we would keep talking about football. It did not respond and had a rematch on the site. He is part of this group, "he said in Tic Sport.

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The midfielder also analyzed when Marcelo Gallardo decided to take him in the first half and said "he is part of it". In addition, he justified it: "We proposed a game with a lot of people in the middle, we need a man to decide, I'm already yellow, and I understood when I left, Jefferer came in, he did us."

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Inside Junfer, outside Leo. (AP Photo / Armando Franca)

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The native of Las Rosas did not miss the opportunity to tell how his relationship with the doll is. "The first day we talked, given me the opportunity to compete for a position, we got more chemistry with him and he ended up giving me my place as well as my teams," he assured. And he made an interesting comparison: "It's like when you meet your partner: you have to see how it is handled and you understand it, we gave up our site and helped us get everything right."

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In the end, he talked about the gesture they had with Jonathan Maidana by letting the coach lift the cop with them. "It's part of what we represent as a group, I'm not going to be more if I raised it alone, we thought that Marcelo might be in the picture, representing everything we've done in this winning stage," he explains.

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Maidana, Gallardo and Ponzio are raising Libertadores. (Reuters / Agustin Markarian)

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Ponzio sight to sing.

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