Khorisyo Rodriguez Larreta anticipated that the City Police will apply the changes in the security forces launched by Patricia Bullich

Khorisyo Rodriguez Larreta confirms that the city police will apply the new regulation on the use of firearms Made an official this Monday by Patricia Bullich. In addition, the Mayor of Buenos Aires took the opportunity to refuse the short circuits around the country with the Minister of National Security.

"The City is going to adhere to the new protocol, it's a collective effort", Said Rodriguez Larreta in the framework of the presentation of an improvement plan for line D of the subway and connectivity between lines B, C and S in the Obelisk.

The head of government did not avoid the pressure on the questions about him and added: "We work very well with the national security team, Patricia (Bullrich) thank us for our participation in the G20, we work with them, we are one team, so we work together in this".

Rodriguez Larreta did not specify when the new regulation for the City Police will begin to apply, while the measure has been applied to the federal forces that depend on the National Security Authority. It remains to know what position will be taken with the Buenos Aires Police.

Until now, the regulation demands that a fire have to wait for them to be fired first and even before extracting their firing, they have to use deterrence and graduate the use of force from minor to major. With the new regulation The members of the Forces can use their weapons against any "infinity danger".

"The doctrine that today has our security forces was a doctrine that left them totally helpless and put them in the place of sacramentalists every time they acted", Patricia Bullrich argued in the last hour after the officialization of the new protocol.

The minister insisted that the firearm should be used as a last resort. "Why do we have policemen? Why do the police carry weapons to protect people," he said.

In this sense, he explained that the national government decided to change the regulation based on a principal principle: "You can only use the firearm in the face of a situation of imminent danger, risk of life or a serious situation of the same members of the security forces or third parties."

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