Kawhy Leonard, Idol of San Antonio Spurs to "Traitor" – 01/04/2019


In Argentina, as well as in most countries with some Latin blood, which was a sports team, have quasi-religious edges. It is something that also affects the players. Some adopt it; Others are forced to identify themselves.

Quite different is in the United States. No better or worse. It, from the first fan to the last athlete, knows that professionalism implies money and money implies business. But there are issues that are notemotable.

Then, on one hand it was not surprising, but it was impact: to see Kawhi Leonard, the most worthwhile player in the final finals that Spurs won, was in his home, the one who saw him grow And in which he became an NBA superstar. It happened on Thursday night when Toronto visited AT&T Center for the first time at 125-100 in which was a local victory.

Why didn't it surprise me? Because the suffering of the public spurs for his former franchise player is quite a while. In fact, the discontent began with black and silver black and silver colors. The first meeting was nothing more than the relief of the pain contained, that they were saved by the respect that forced the player to continue representing them.

The annoyance is the product of a Leonard action that raises a host of diseases even within the spurs. A tendinopathy in the right quadriceps complex, the start of the 2017/18 season for the boy born in Riverside, California, June 29, 1991. The running of that time was wrecking the whole situation into a thick smoke of rumors and unknowns.

The recovery took more and more, and some details reported it more forcefully, such as the fact that Kawhi wanted to treat Malate with a medical team of his choice, marginalizing the staff of the San Antonio. The discomfort was increasing and even the costumes began to catch their voices in public, without firing point-blanking but with several shots per height. "I had the same type of injury as cavi, but 100 times worse, you just have to have a positive attitude," said Tony Parker, the team's symbol at the time. Even Emmanuel Goblin was encouraged to say that he believed he would return (in jest) to the journalism, making them believe otherwise, at the same time hinting at another situation: the lack of communication between the parties.

Old and happy times: Leonard with trio of Tony Parker, Timuncan and Emanuel Ginóilli with the trophy champions achieved in 2014. (Reuters)

Old and happy times: Leonard with trio of Tony Parker, Timuncan and Emanuel Ginóilli with the trophy champions achieved in 2014. (Reuters)

And then, the strongest rumors: Leonard, tired of the franchise, wanted to force the situation to demand a move. Your dream destination? The Los Angeles Lakers who have everything on track to hire LeBron James. The Texans sat and did not hesitate. Already in Clarin 's step by San Antonio in the final playoffs, some fans expressed their disappointment with the figure. The feeling was unanimous: "If he doesn't want to play something, let him go".

And Kawhi links, seven seasons, 16.3 points, 6.2 ribbons and 1.8 average stalls per game, plus one ring (2014) and the mvp of those finals, two all star games and two consecutive prizes for the best defender of the NBA (2015 And 2016). But not the Lakers. He resumed in Toronto, along with Danny Green and Jakob Poeltl and in exchange for DeMar DeRozan and a design choice. In the raptors, he has some of the best numbers of his career, with 27.1 points and 8 rebounds per game.

A memory of playing 4 of the 2014 finals against the Miami heat and greeting with Manu. (EFE)

A memory of playing 4 of the 2014 finals against the Miami heat and greeting with Manu. (EFE)

He came from the best night of his career against Utah, with his personal record: 45 points. Night is very different from the one that awaits him at the AT&H center, which booted him from his own warm-up, insensitive to the disapproval in his first free throw to the call of "Treader, Treader" and who dismissed him. The same way, at the end of the match he could not even quit criticism with a triumph. It was in a very weak game of team 125-107, almost never being able to fight the result. Leonard completed his form with 21 points, 5 assists and 2 steals.

"It was probably the reaction we are going to take," Kawhi said after the match, but afterwards he improved the concept, "I'm not disappointed, because the media do a great job in the heads of people and make them think in Somehow, like the media behaved, I knew it was going to happen tonight. "

And also noticed he didn't even see the reception video that made the franchise: "I didn't see it because I never look at the Jumbotron (the cube screens) before the games."

Gregory Popovich, far from interfering with controversy despite the fact that at the time, he also left words in a certain critical point, noting that he felt "bad" for what happened. "Cavi is a player of great character, we make all the decisions we are about to make with our lives and with our futures and he has the same rights as any of us," said the coach at the end of the match. Armored his ex-directed and both remain talking.

Rudi Gay, a former partner, wasn't that surprised. And he reflected, "It was the story of the good, the bad and the ugly, and one is good according to his latest game, right?"

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