John Romero will give 18 new levels of Doom for the 25th anniversary of the game


If you grew tearing insides in Doom, It's time to retrieve the chainsaw to put an end to the demons who left pending. John Romero, the original designer of the game, took advantage of the 25th anniversary of the saga to announce his own mod of Doom With 18 unpublished levels.

The mod-more known as Megavad among fans of the game-is called Sigil and contains nine single-player levels and nine multi-level deadmatch levels. According to Romero, Sigil is the "spiritual successor" of Your flesh consumed, The fourth episode of Doom Which is presented together The Ultimate Doom In 1995. Therefore, it is a sequel to Doom 1993 original and a prequel to the folks Doom II or 1994.

As a good unofficial extension of the game, Sigil will be available to all owners of a registered version of the game. Doom Original however, limited run games will also launch two limited edition boxes for fans who are willing to pay for a Megavad of John Romero himself. The Standard Edition of Cigil will cost $ 40 and the Beast Box of Sigil, a whopping $ 166.

Both boxes will be signed by John Romero and will include a USB drive in the form of a floppy disk that will contain the game and some extras, and the soundtrack of the bike gift group. The most expensive box will also include a poster, signed by Illustrator Christopher Lowell, a coined coin and a Roman footer (which, if you did not know, comes in the game as an Easter egg).

The free version of Sigil will be available in mid-February 2019. The standard edition of SIGIL and the beast box of cigil can be reserved from today, December 10, until Christmas Eve 2018. They will be sent in mid-February, 2019 The game is available.

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