Jimena Barn captivated her fans with a sweet sperm photo


Even if she started her career as an actress many years ago, Jimena Barn He showed that he had many hidden talents. Last year, he launched a singer with his album "La Tonta" and quickly reached a great popularity in his new facet. Meanwhile, it is one of the revelations of the dancing for a dream and is eager to get to the last, also confeta in the support of their fans.

But the fact of Marcelo Tinelli not only gave notoriety to the goddess, but also allowed him to meet his current partner, who is his dancer, Mauro Caiazza. Though he first took his relationship with the brunette very timidly, the young man was able to let go and now he shouts on the four winds. After her flying relationship of only two months with the interpreter of Radride Bueno in the film "El Potro", which she also co-stars.

After the storm the sun rises, and what happened to them Singer This is a very special moment both artistically and in the love plane. In addition, it is indicated that her boyfriend has a very special and tender relationship with his son, Morrison, fruit of his relationship with the football player Daniel Oswaldo. She admitted several times that the child does not see their father very often, and now you partner with him for a great deal of time.

To prove his career with Mauro is consolidated, the Famous Shared on her official Instagram account very soft, where she looks very pleased with the dancer and mom, the three embraced as a perfect family card. The photo has great impact on the networks and the more than four and a half million followers, were pleasantly surprised by the picture accompanied by a more loved text: "Domingo is this," said Jime and added: "(and double rehearsal) ", Facing the new rhythm of dancing.

Therefore, they received sweet articles from Barn's fans: "They look beautiful, hope they last forever," "how beautiful they are together," "what a beautiful couple they are." Though he also had dictators: "The poor baby boy, how many boyfriends of the mother knew and knew," wrote the Internet users liking their liking.

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