It's not the easiest job: in three years, the accumulated inflation in the Makri era reached 158.44%


On Tuesday, the National Statistics Institute and Sensuses (INDEC) confirmed thatInflation in 2018 reached 47.6%, the highest in the last 27 years. You have to go back to 1991 and the end of hyperinflation to find a higher record.

The price recorded in 2018 is even higher than that registered in 2002 after the troubling exit of the convertibility.

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All three years of management of the Alliance's change to the front of the Casa Rosada model is unquestionably a record of Accumulated an inflation rate of 158.44%.

In 2016, inflation reached 40.3%, a year later it was 24.8% and the government congratulated itself on "visible signs of slowdown in prices". The Chief of Cabinet Marcos Peña At the end of 2017, it is up to 15% of the inflation target for 2018. It is dropping it by more than 30 percentage points: it was 47.6%.

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In spite of nothing to show in economic matters, Macri said, he was still finishing his three-week vacation, "The course is."

Inflation is expected to fall in the coming months. But That the government is likely to succeed, as a success and ratification of the economic model, due to the deep recession Where the Argentine economy is located. With consumption increasingly depleted by falling real wages and rising unemployment, traders' margins to update prices are falling. As they say, the remedy is worse than the disease.

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