Increase controls in public works, for the cause of the notebooks of the bribes

Four months after the scandal of the notebooks bribes the government and contractors of public works Advance in transparency measures In the activity. The executive work in a decree to permit him Greater control To the National Contracting Office (ONC). While the companies that make up the Chamber of Construction will renew the authorities and it is expected that Move away To most of the representatives of the companies involved in corruption mega-case Q.

The government's plan is that the ONC Be in charge of hiring Of all public tenders, to give greater transparency to the efforts. The advances respond to the requirements of the member countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) to which President Mauricio Masri aspire to accept Argentina.

Macri said that at the top of the G20 leaders, who has been accused last week in Buenos Aires, the leaders who took part in the event agreed on the importance of promoting "Infrastructure for Fairness" and that they have "Move forward in banking corruption."

On the elaboration of the private sector, the Argentine Chamber of Construction is preparing to renew the authorities this month and leave the executives who are connected to the cause of the bouts of notebooks, after the simonazo generated by the entity's investigation by corruption The new president of the entity was Julio César Crivelli, a lawyer and one of the major advisers in this sector, slogan The Nation

In the new leadership of the KAC it would be only 30% of representatives of companies linked to the cause, although the respondent in the investigation They can not be part of Of the Directive Commission.

On the other hand, the government contributes to changes in the recovery of assets of corruption. Meanwhile, the Executive is the legal depository and not effective of the assets, given by the court. That is to say, Although you can use them, you can not sell them.

The official plan oversee the creation of a body to recover assets from corruption or organized crime, which has the power to sell them quickly.

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