In 30 years immunotherapy will defeat cancer?


(ANSA) – All forms of tumors can be defeated, 30 years from now, with these immunotherapy, That is, using the defenses of the immune system as weapons against evil cells. It was affirmed in Stockholm by Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine 2018, Tacuki Honjo, of the University of Tokyo, which shared the award with the American James Pete. Aisonson, from the Anderson Center Cancer (Texas).

"I'm pretty sure that before 2050 all forms of cancer can be defeated immunotherapy"Honey said, when she told the press along with Allison at the Karolinsky Institute," If we can not eliminate all the tumors, we can even block them, preventing their continued growth, "said Honjo.

The meeting between Alison and Honjo is the second among both pioneers of immunotherapy. The first was in 1982, in Texas, when Hondo proposed his colleague to collaborate on cancer research. "Since then, we have not seen each other: however, there has never been a competition between us: our investigation is in a complementary way," said the scientist.

Each one on his own and following different paths, the two researchers laid the foundations to attack the tumors with a new weapon, the fourth available today after surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

They both stared at the immune cells in search of the proteins used by the tumors to deceive them and continue to grow calm. In the early 1990's Allison discovered the first, called CTLA-4, on the surface of t lymphocytes; At the same time and in the same cells, HONJO found the PD1 protein. And they became the most promising new weapons against cancer.

"It's a way that we have opened 20 years ago and now a large number of people around the world work in the field of immunotherapy," he said. "It is a very promising field, but even for a period immunotherapy should be combined with radiotherapy and chemotherapy," added the scientists, convinced that "the immune system is the key to the battle against the cancer."

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