"I'm a Independent fan, but the most important thing now is"


Ivn Marcone, Brand new incorporation Boca Juniors, said he was coming to the team that is now trains Gustavo Alfaro "It's a big challenge" and highlighted that it's a move "The ultimate achievement" As a footballer "because he is in a privilege place". But beyond that, the flyer also referred to Independent I looked at him or her not in the marketplace of passes since it is known publicly His fanatics for Red.

"There are times and situations that sometimes go beyond the player, coach or intent." When I asked him to leave those crews, they told me that Boka had to pay the money the club required. Boca had no problem, made a very important effort And based on what I could claim anything. If Boka didn't make me feel as if I was an interest to me as a player, I can't claim the club my way out, "Markone said of the obvious lack of predisposition. King of Caps To accept him.

"I'm a fan of Independent, but the most important thing now is Boca. I'm clear about where my feelings go and where my professionalism begins, "analyzing the first cruiser Azul compared the step ahead that respects Xenees with respect, which is just a survey of the group led by Ariel Holan.

About his arrival in Boca, Marcone said: "Thank you (Daniel) Angelici, Nico Burdisco and Annel, who are the ones who contacted me, who let me know the idea they were with me. Personal thing, to count on me, From everything they believe I can give to Boka, that was important to convince me"

And if I chose the Ribera squad to watch closely for Lionel Scaloni coach Argentina Selection Emphasize: "I do not mean to be in the selection. First I have to perform in Boka and tomorrow morning I am called to be a charge, but I do not want to think because I am actually. "

Finally, the 28-year-old midfielder confirmed the good atmosphere of the Xeneise outfit: "Daro (Benedetto) welcomed me the first night I couldn't save myself, I was given the choice between singing, dancing or telling jokes. Frank) Fabra, it's hard to keep up with him but we tried to do what we could. I met a very happy and united group"

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