Illuminated and eternal, Pampita lit the nets with a spectacular dress


Pampita uploaded a photo wearing an expensive dress, in Punta del Este. This model was recently approved by Pico Monaco.

Carolina's Networks Pampita Ardoain does not keep filling up with photos. The actress is spending a few days in Punta del Este with her partner Pico Monaco. He recently climbed a string of bikini-clad pictures on the shore, causing a stir among his followers.

On this occasion, Pampita He climbed a postcard wearing a white dress, showing his legs. The dress is by designer Maria Gorof and leaves one shoulder exposed. It also has a cut from the knees to the hip, which lets you look long.

Pampita is a vacation in Punta del Este.

The photo added thousands of little hearts in a few hours, and her followers soon commented on how beautiful it was: "Beautiful all around and from where she was", "The most goddess!" And you are unique! Some of the articles he received from users are.

Pampita He recently confirmed his reconciliation with Pico Monaco, with whom he went to the Ugu Uguan coast. He recently talked about his relationship with the former tennis player. "I have no problems with the second chances, I give a thousand, so I don't have prejudices and don't care what people say. I'm free with my decisions and do what my heart dictates. I'm always risky, then I don't know how everything will turn out this time, I don't have the magic wand, but I'm not afraid to live things, I'm dedicated to life.

The details of the reconciliation of Pampita and Pico came to light

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