If you have one of the 13 apps on your mobile, delete them, they are a virus


To be careful

Google has removed them from your store, but those who have already installed it must delete it from their phones so that their data is not at risk

Finding a virus on a mobile phone is more complicated than on a computer. If the computer has been hijacked on a PC, it will slow down or just redirect it to some websites with fraudulent contents, in smartphones the philosophy is completely different: what they want is to detect the data from the terminals To secret servers and do with them what they want.

As this bypass operation is silent, users do not know if their device is infected or not. And that's just what happened with a massive inflammation of malware that occurred in Android.

According to NDTV, Google has removed 13 applications from its Google Play store because they are not what they are. They all looked like racing games of cars or motorcycles, completely free, but in fact they are a Trojan horse that introduces malware programs in phones.

And although Google has removed the apps from the store, it does not mean that they continue to damage their viruses. If they are installed on a smartphone, it means that the device is affected. So if you have one of the applications on your mobile, please delete it:

– Luxury cars SUV traffic

– Car driving simulator

– Extreme Car Driving Racing

– Moto Cross Extreme Racing

– SUV City climbing parking

– Extreme Car Driving City

– City Traffic Moto Racing

– Extreme sports car driving

– Hyper Car Driving Simulator

– Cargo Simulator

– SUV 4 × 4 driving simulator

– Firefighter

– Fire truck simulator

– luxury car parking

Unlike other malware attacks, these applications are quite popular. More than 560,000 people downloaded them before they were removed from the store, and two of them even reached the "Trends" section of Google Play before being deleted.

All these applications are the same developer's work, one lousy. Pinto. When the user installed any applications of this application, the app's icon was hidden and users were asked to install an additional program called "Center Center" that apparently did not function as to get the data and the system of the phone. That is, install the virus itself.

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