"I told scaloni that I wanted to go back" – 12/03/2018

Angela says that he wants to return to the National Team's shirt, and he's talking to Lival Scaloni to let him know that he is available if he is called up for the next projects. "I talked to Scaloni and told him I wanted to go back", He released.

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Video, in the Dialogue with Fox Sports, he spoke to the technicians and told him not to count on him because he was at his best. In addition, he adds that he will do everything possible to return and would never refuse to be called: "I try to do the best in the club and he knows it, I'm available and I will continue to work for the day that I have to be, I will never say to the shirt that one is so important and that is so great For a player. "

Maria after the elimination of Argentina at the World Cup of Russia 2018.

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On the other hand, he talked about the coach's closest with the players and said he wanted to be: "All I want is to be in the next matches for elimination and then in the America, I work for that and try To do my best to be there ":

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Did the Maria return to the National Team?

The PSG striker expressed his desire to return to wear the blue and white (Source: Fox Sports).

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