"I think my life can improve after this," said the Swedish tourist shot


The life of the Swedish Christians has always changed with his visit to Argentina. He was attached when he was with his partner in Takuar 400, the thief injured him in the right way and the wound peculiarity did not allow the doctors of the Aragerich Hospital another remedy such as the amputation, since the Picture put in danger the lives of European tourists.

Persson, 37, was on Wednesday in TN Central, The news All newsAnd he explained that "I'm not depressed, I even thought my life could improve after that." Justifying the positive message that was known while he was interned in the archery, then his words were transmitted by his girlfriend, Mary Izzo, The Swedish citizens have returned to their words the affection for our country, He expects to return next year.

The video of the moment they shot chrysrofer Persson

"I take it as a challenge, it's not fun of course what happened to me, but I take it as a challenge that I have to face and that I want to get," Person said in a speech. Note that the day of the robbery "Already in the hospital I felt a sense of calm, I have already felt it in the ambulance, feeling deep, but of a certain calm, and then with the surgery team I thought I was in good hands".

"I'll have to stand up again, I'll go back, this is a wonderful country, the one who shot me is an idiot, they are everywhere," said Persson.

"I am a very happy person, certainly very happy, and I say more, I believe my life may even get better after this … Is that in some aspects I have a little lazy and we will need it, it will force me to improve " Perceon noticed that this act was accompanied by his girlfriend, Maria Izzo.

"Argentina is a wonderful country, we came because what we saw from the country we liked, and the truth is that there is a fascinating country, When we return next year to visit Salta, we will see more of the South, I want to see the penguins " Explains the tourist shot with a smile, and is even encouraged to resist "Then I hope to be on my two feet, or on my feet and a protease that I'll learn to use …" He said smiling.

Christoffer Persson 04012019
Persson and his wife in a photo of networks. The serious trans is not affecting its optimism.

Persson said that he works as a Swedish "A Computer Engineer""I will try to use the bicycles we bought, my life is not going to stop because of what happened, it may happen to us anywhere".

"I didn't think about the guy who beat me, he's an idiot, it's simple, there are thousands of incredible people here and an idiot, what are we going to do …"

"I take as a reminder of the good of the people here, I feel blessed by the people I meet here," said the Swedish tourist at the Todo Noticious, noting that "I love Argentine food, beer … it's wonderful, people, what happened to me could happen otherwise".

And he said to care "When I come back, I hope to speak Spanish better, because I'm going to learn Spanish, because I feel a bit stupid to speak English … I would like to spy Spanish to be able to thank some people in that way I want to do it because, thank you for giving a bottle of water to save your life ", Adding that they have developed with their girlfriend a very special relationship with the neighbors who asked for assistance from the same police, but also with all the Argerich hospital staff who have to deal with the care of the days when the person He was subjected to less than four operations, in desperate attempts to save his leg.


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