"I know that from my surroundings they met people from Manchester City" | River Plate



Nadir Ghazal

7:10 pm

There were very deep days about Fernando Quintero and everything related to the continuation of the River Door. A few days ago the Colombian assured that his intention was to continue at Nññez, but Today, everyone was surprised when he recognized that no more than the Guardiola team had looked at him Look to the future

"I know that from my surroundings they met the people of Manchester City, I'm very proud to see them"Jupiter confirmed in an interview with Continental Radio. He added: "If I go to a European club, it will be good for me and also for River, not just for economic".

The strongest interest of the entire market is coming to him from Chinese football, and Juanfer did not dodge this issue. "China's proposal and we will talk to the president these days, but my intention is to stay.", The crack assured. And while he said his goal was to live day by day, he left an absolute calm for the fans of the greatest:At River I did not retreat at all. There is a pride and a pleasure to be here. I came with much expectation, I knew I was going to join a team that is going to maximize me. And they all supported me and always gave me love.

Your relationship with Gonzalo Martínez and number 10 empty: "The pity left a great legacy in the club, we have already had great things with it, now we have to reach them without him, and with the issue of the shirt number I have no problem"

Does it affect him playing many substitute games? "It's not something that worries me, this year I played for those players who played the most, and the starter has to help the team and the substitute too."

Madrid's goal: "It will be marked for the whole story of all of us, but the motivation is now daily, and now we have to win, because Stream's demand for it."

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