How to prevent WhatsApp from deleting all your chats, photos, and videos?


Since November 12, the WhatsApp Instant Messaging application, will delete all messages and media files stored in Google Drive, if the user has not updated them during the last year.

A possible solution is to get from the same application users can make backups, so that data is stored in the cloud and not lost.

However, those who have not restored these backups in the last year will completely lose them because they will not host on Google Drive.

In this sense, in order to avoid inconveniences, WhatsApp users need to update their backups, which are next steps:
1 – Go to the Settings menu, inside the WhatsApp.
2 – Then select Settings / Chat
3 – Then enter the Backup option once you click "Save to Google Drive" and select any of the options mentioned in this section.

This way, for people who have never backed up, you should select the email you want to associate with WhatsApp.

The second change that will be detected in the application is the one that announced it Chris Daniels, vice president of WhatsApp, and whether advertising will reach the Instant Messaging application and will do so early in 2019.

From an event in India, Daniels revealed that the "app" will show ads between the stories of their users in the "Country" section.

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