How to hide your profile Picture from WhatsApp to a contact without blocking it


Privacy is one of the most repeated complaints among millions of users Whatsapp. However, sometimes there are simple tasks to put into place that can solve a problem in question. In this case, Hide the profile photo to an unwanted contact without the obligation to block it.

The practical "trick" consists of a simple series of steps. First, you have to Make sure the image just gives the display of our profile photo to the contacts we decided to schedule earlier. In case you haven't done it, you have to go to WhatsApp too Settings> Account> Privacy And then select the aforementioned option.

When you may notice that you have a conversation with the person in question, you must go to the Calendar Phone of the WhatsApp App – and delete the contact to which you want to hide this profile picture.

Therefore, the man in question will no longer see your profile picture because it is no longer part of your contacts, although you do not block it. You'll be able to easily control it from the start of Whatsapp.

Meanwhile, the rest of the agenda could continue to see it without the inconvenience.

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