HIV: Five tips to prevent the transmission of the AIDS virus


So far the transmission of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is one of the world's biggest health problems World Health Organization (WHO), so far Killed 35 million people worldwide.

According to the Last month newsletter From the National Center for Epidemiology, Prevention and Control of Diseases of the Ministry of Health of Peru, In this country we found 3773 people infected with HIVWhile they are 778 people who suffered the last stadium of this infection, AIDS. The information is updated until August of this year.

In the framework of International day of the fight against AIDS, Dr. Evelyn Campos, a gynecologist specializing in the Ricardo Palma Clinic, offers five tips to prevent the transmission of human immune deficiency virus (HIV) and be protected.


The use of condoms, as The condom, In a sexual relationship, it is necessary. Especially with occasional couples To prevent the transmission of HIV.

2. Water Soluble Lubricant

In the case of using lubricants during sexual sexual relationship, it is soluble in water. Other lubricants can damage or break the condom, Exposing her to a possible transmission.


The doctor Campos shows that the person must make sure that The surgery is new when treated in a health center. It is important to remember that one of the forms of Hiv transmissions It is because of the blood and it is better to be alert, he says.


The specialist states that no procedure that includes any cut or puncture should be done with disposable or sterilized material, Especially in any medical operation, when tattooing, in the manicure, Among other activities.


To prevent the transmission of the virus from the mother to the baby, it is recommended that Every pregnant woman HIV testing is done with the first control of your pregnancy. Detect it in time, Will allow the mother to start an adequate treatment that reduces the possibility of transmission to the baby, Says Evelyn Campos.

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