He went to a cosmetic party and ended with the deformed lip


Rachael Knappier, 29, attended a "Botox party" at a friend's and between Brose of Prosecco (Italian Sparkling Wine) and portions of cake decided to inject her upper lips with botulinum toxin To fix a tiny "hit" What was left when he was a teenager hurt?

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"My friend was enthusiastic about a beautician, with how cool it was, And I decided to try, "explains the woman who lives in Lesterschire, UK, but ended the day with oversized lips, the site reported. The sun.

The application made in the kitchen of her friend's household cost $ 220 ($ 282) against the £ 300 (US $ 383) that could cost you at a doctor's office.

"The beautician – what I thought was a nurse – did not ask me to sign any consent so I would have caused a terrible alarm, but at a party with friends I took seriously the issue of injecting things in my face," acknowledges The woman who works in a law firm.

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The result of his non-considerate decision was apparent a few hours later, when the pain in his upper lip got the way to an inflammation of caricature. The scarlet called the beautician, who in turn told him he had to take an antihistamine and go to the guard before.

Of course, after the scare and the 72 hours of aggressive treatment to deflate her lips, the woman assured that she would never participate in a "cosmetic party."

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