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"He thinks she's the conductor. In every dimension, she has her anecdote for everything. You have to find yourself …"


It is not easy to operate on television, because they publicly deny it, all celebrities really have great egos and want to shine on the small screen dealing their peers; Allowed us to understand what, at the time, for example, Ricardo Fort tried to get rid of Marcelo Tinelli in ShowMatch until the tired of his impertinence, the driver decided to let him away from the cycle without giving any explanation.

Now, the conflict arises between Graciela Alfano and her colleagues in LAM. Since the Channel 13 cycle, the charismatic actress, model and conductor has been several crossings with the other members of the panel, largely because she wants to pay the floor to be new to the cycle and responds to every provocation with ironic and horror. Strange phrases, something that obviously annoys the Inina Litorre, Karina Yavi in ​​coli or Cynthia Fernandez.

On this occasion, the conductor is showing you disgust at Lourd Sanchez. In the Flor de la V program, the young woman was completely sincere. "Well, Graciela is a diva she calls herself, and there she thinks she is the driver. What more, but rather, presents the themes and the guests. But also because he might not know the work of a panelist. Day to day, ”began the sculptural dancer.

"Especially today it was to Andrea Tabooada to pass because Ángel de Brito is on vacation, he is very good, but at one point it was like Gra Graciela, giving it, stop! & # 39; Gives more ball, but Graciela felt very close to Andrea and not listening. This felt half strange, ”said Chato Prada's wife about the awkward moment she had to live in LAM.

"What are your weapons to order when you have to drive?" Said Daniel Gomez, rebelly. “I turn off the microphone! I'll grasp that moment. Today it was a very serious issue about Pepo's coincidence and Graciela all the time I wanted to give information, "said Sanchez, confirming that coexistence can get really tense in the coming days.

"Do you think Alfano is a bad companion?", The journalist consulted. "No, I think it's more about you who told you that you still can't find your panelist spot. She wants to be in another position. In all dimensions, everything has its anecdote. We are not jealous, but for me you have to set yourself on certain issues. Lourdes answered a few. He taught that I thought, "Try to hide that relationship with his partner is not good.

Recognize that sunshine may have exceeded the criticism, and decided to close the report on a much quieter way of avoiding direct confrontation, an intelligent measure because he had to face Alfano every day. "What surprised me about you is that she has the answer for everything. It's a genius, you can't say anything, it's very lively. Beyond that, I love her, said Sanchez for the Israeli look at Flor de la Vu. Will Angel Throw You New Panel List After Comments? Or should you have it to give more life to the show?

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