He said it was against vaccines


Always controversial and controversial, Juanita Viale talked about a significant problem in the society and didn't have half the size, beyond the contract, that you got words later and what they think about you. Still staring at a huge scandal when she declared herself a non-feministThe actress is heading to be the center of another debate: vaccines; Yeah or not. His response is negative and has to do with a particular vision of medicine. Their preference is natural and their children, silvester (10) Alley (6) and Amber (16) have just been vaccinated.

Juana talked about this issue in a tone with La Nasi and noticed the possibility of being "barked from all sides" by her vision. He said he was not in favor of vaccination and explained why: "I have a more natural income, I like homeopathy, anthroposcopic drug, and I understand that when the body is sick it is not random, but it does speak And we must pay attention because it is a way to show. If I have a body fever, because the body is fighting something, so I do not take the drug for the heat. There are processes that I like to live and feel. "

This naturalist perspective is also reflected in food. For six years, Vanita was a vegetarian, such as Amber's daughter, Van de Benedict. Males, fruit of the relationship with Gonzalo Valenza, eat something from meat or fish.

However, with the boys he cannot access his anti-vaccine position. "Now I vaccinated them, before I did, but I agreed because it wasn't me, they were, And we live in a society in which we do not all understand each other and sometimes we have to adapt.

It is not clear what happened, but one may be that schools usually require the updated vaccination plan At the time of admitting a student and actress, there was no choice but to give.

Beyond what the grandeur of mirta legrand says, in Argentina the viral tripple vaccine (against measles, mumps and rubyola) is compulsory; Triple bacterial cell (for desteria, tetanus and cough convulsa) and sabin (versus polyomielitis). Since 2017, two new doses have also been added: that of the human papilloma virus (HPV) for 11 years of age or older and that of meningococcus, which prevents meningitis, after three months of life.

Finally, in this regard, he said he also believes in "the energies, in the moon, in the nature of the planets, in the water, in the rest, in what attracts and repels, in the light and in the dark. ".

Last November, Violet was the title when she said she did not consider herself a feminist because she did not believe in comparison with men and women. "We're not mass, we're not sheep" analyzed. The editors were ruled by feminist references, but Viala does not back down: "I do not go with any flag, because I do not feel we have it, it is not a matter of guilds but of people, of conscience Understanding, the ability to do and don't need slogans or flags, I have never been interested in any kind of militancy.

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