He denounced his former partner four times and the Justice asked him for "self-criticism"


Once again, Natalia Tortoise He is a victim of violence. Days after a video broadcast in which she saw her former partner brutally hit her with her little daughter in her arms, the woman fought for a measure that was not given.

Another episode, his former partner Javier Fernández He assured her that he would condemn her. "While I was in the women's commission, he went to condemn me, me and my family, he was very violent, he was armed," he told in the month of April.

After 4 denunciations to Fernandez, tortoise was church again from the mistress oppression by righteousness. In the last few hours, these Report by Betina Casaza, the psychologist involved in the cause.

In the report The psychologist assures that Tortorism lacks "self-criticism". "High sensitivity has been reported," he says, explaining the difficulty of the other party complying with the agreed agreement, which is causing them conflicts when they understand their requests for child-minding care.

"The detective account of the scene that has been charged, including his request to limit his daughter's contact with the father, Projecting blame on the other and absent self-criticism As to the position of the same in the perpetual dysfunctional relationship, "the report continues.

Blows on the skin of Natalia Tortoise | Photo: Facebook

On the contrary, the psychologist refers to the aggressor in the following way: "Recognizes his excess in the scene of violence, feeling overwhelmed by the constant demand of NataliaWho, on every occasion who is with his daughter asks him to send him photos, constantly calls him, prevents his daughter from standing at home, is conditioning it because he remembers his scenes and the consequential response from him, taken by The father of Pigeonhole is as violent as he is. "

According to the psychological report, Fernández Is considered a victim of "manipulation"While the evidence – a video that transcended social networks and media – demonstrates the opposite.

Blows on the skin of Natalia Tortoise | Photo: Facebook

"His therapeutic site has been supporting him for two years Has helped him far from the & # 39; manipulation & # 39;Although this time it did, "he found.

Through its social networks, Tortorism shares a succession of images where you can see them Bruises on your skin, Product of the physical aggressive of his ex-partner.

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