Hacks took advantage of the iPhone's fingerprint readers to scam users

The mobile industry featured us with a technology that, long ago, was exclusive to spy movies: Fingerprint reader.

The sensors are part of many smartphones (even after the high-end prompts) functioning as an effective barrier. For example, so nobody but the user can unlock the screen, or to make payments from the phone.

In contrast to the benefits, computer security experts showed a case that we could define as "The height of the fingerprint reader"As reported, hackers took advantage of the security element to Steal money from iPhone users.

A mask scam in sound apps

After user reports on social networks, a researcher shared details of a Fake that affects users of Apple computers. The scam took advantage of the system Touch ID, The fingerprint reader is available in some models of iPhone and iPad.

In the Apple App Store two mastered tools are offered as apps for physical activity and nutrition. How did they specify their malicious plans? They asked the user to press the fingerprint reader for ten seconds with the promise of creating a personalized exercise and diet plan.

However, with your finger on the button The user interviewed a payment request of 99.99 dollars. Even when the scam was warned, it was too late: the transaction took place.

"Applications ask you to keep pressing Fingerprint readers and then a pop-up payment window. Since you have your finger there, the process continues." Fortunately, I did not have a card linked to the account, "commented a user On the Reddit social network.

The detected malicious applications are removed from the Apple Store.

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