Google Translate was the best ally in the love story of an Italian woman and an English man


Chloe Smith and West Midlands They show day by day that love is bigger than any language barrier. These young people met in Ibiza two years ago And since then, they have nothing to do with them, so even though she speaks English and he has managed to consolidate their courtship. Communicate with Google Translate.

Chloe Smith, 23, was originally from Wolverhampton, West Midlands, England; While her boyfriend, Daniel Marisco, 25, was born in Naples, Italy. They both met while enjoying a night club in Ibiza.

They satisfy their encounter as love at first sight. First, they can't communicate with the difference in languages, but quickly realized that the Google tool would help them communicateThey also use some videos with subtitles to learn from another language.

Their love progressed and now they live together in Straitham, south of LondonWhile both found work according to their tastes, Chloe is a makeup artist and Daniel is a bartender in an Italian restaurant.

Your interest in staying together Has made them learn to speak with both languages, Italian and English things achieved only by talking among themselves and without having to take any lesson or class.

"Danielle did something exciting: the fact that we couldn't understand each other was not a problem, we just clicked," Chloe said.

"I made the first move and asked for his item because I found it very attractive," he added.

The 23-year-old mentions that I never had a foreign boyfriend, But he knew he could learn another language because he liked it "sometimes you have to do things for love".

"Some people think I was crazy when I went to Barcelona with him I knew this was the best decision I could make, "said the woman about her love story that says she loves dancers because of how spontaneous he is.

"I went to live with him and his family in Naples in 2016 And it was a dream come true, which is why he set the city as one of the genuine and beautiful ones he visited in Europe.

"The more time we spend together, The less we use this Google translator, And now it's once in the blue moon when Daniel doesn't know the name of anything in English, "he reiterated.

& # 39; We wanted to be together from the moment we met and that is why we work. She helped me learn English and I helped her learn how to cook Italian food, "said the young man in Naples.

The young couple say their friends do not believe in the future of the relationship, Since they think it's just a "vacation adventure".

But they insist that they prove to everyone that they are wrong and will continue to communicate in their two mother tongues.

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