Go Back: The Fiat Toro would have secured a SUV version of 7 seats, but not with a coup looking


ELast year, Fiat's big surprise for the Sao Paulo show was the Fastback Concept, a highly stylized line-up prototype created by Peter Fasbandner, who anticipated a future SUV version of the Toro with cup aspect, a format that At that time, BMW X6 was premiered and then other premium brands emitted, and now it seems to the interest of the manufacturers.

Although the Italian firm has always made it clear that the concept was for the moment an exercise in plan, everything suggested that the latest version would see the light coming. But now, a Brazilian media (Autossegedos) known for anticipating some rumors that have come true in terms of the development of different vehicles, said that Fiat would have been backed up with this project and that ultimately its compact pickup would have a variant. SUV, but in traditional format and with capacity for seven passengers.

fiat bull suv

This website shows that the Fastback concept is just a design exercise to hide the real-world project that was developed and that they called it "Toro SW" internally – formerly known as X3U -. The main reason for this change would be cost and practicality, since the 7-seat vehicle is more functional and may require more than a niche vehicle, such as a SUV cup.

Of the prototype yes, it would take inspiration as far as the aesthetics, especially in the frontal sector, which would have been used at the same time by the pick up of the future. As a novelty, it would also incorporate the new 1.3 Turbo Nafto engine developed from the 1.3 firefly using the ARGO and Cunos, along with the already known TurboDiezy 2.0 2.0Jet 170 HP.

The presentation of the "Toro SW" – which will definitely be your definitive name – could happen to the second semester of next year. Will these rumors be confirmed? Time will tell, but we will be attentive to any new developments.

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