Gerardo Martino achieved a historic title in the United States – 12/09/2018


A two-year project and A lot of work What's the story of the title won by Gerardo Martino with Atlanta Americans who defeated Portland 2-0 in the final of the American League and has the capital of Georgia celebrated after 23 years. Is that the last conquest in the city was in 1995 when the brawls won the world of baseball.

A football team molded by the Tattoo In his image and cast he took the opportunity to bury the black story of the city of Rap. And an energetic scenario, like the futuristic Mercedes Benz Stadium, packed with A record 73,019 fans, Gave him the farewell to the Argentine coach, who will be able to take the lead of the Mexican National Team.

Martino, who goes out of the door It became the first South American coach to emerge champion of Major League Soccer.

"The mayor has planned this parade," Arthur Arthur said in the previous hour. The same shiny that a year ago suffered great disappointment with his other franchises, the Atlanta Falcons, in the Super Bowl, to waste a 25-point lead at the end of the third quarter and incredibly incredible with the New England Patriots that won 34 -28 in transition.

Atlanta dominated the first half. Pressed, opened the site and went on speed to climb terrain. But almost no dangerous situations are generated up to 25 minutes. Portland Timbers, on the other hand, played in their infiltration, defending for the same goal and trying to go out with balls in search of Sebastián Blanco and Diego Valeri.

It was a very controversial game in 13 minutes, when Mabiaa and Josefs Martina went to look for a ball inside the area at the same time. The whole stadium asked a penalty. It was that the French defender of Congolese origin did not connect the Venezuelan forward, which was spectacular.

When the game fell into intensity, emotions arrived. In 28 minutes, a nude cross of the right is not intercepted by Zarek Valentin. He took the ball to Garza, executed a splendid center, and the Paraguayo Miguel Almiron connected with Chilean and left hand so that Atlinella was shining taking the ball from the corner with a clear corner to the corner.

Elf minutes later there is delirium in the stadium. A double error in the departure of Portland from the right wing culminated with a poor delivery to the device, where the scorer Jose Martinez appeared in all its dimensions.

The most valuable striker in the league eluded the goalkeeper and determined with extreme quality to put the 1-0. He did not cry, as is his custom. But he served him to achieve his target number 35 at the time, because the most famous player in the MCL (most of the audience was Moreno).

There was another game before the end that could cause the story and was found almost as a target. Atlanta Goalie Brad Guzz took a header Deadly From the French Jeremy eBible on the line. It was the championship tackle.

Soon after starting the second chapter of the last, Atlanta sentenced Portland with a very Argentine cry. Mugu Almiron masterfully executed the free kick from the left and right Franco Escobar, the former Newell's, Entering the remote post for his right scorer.

The 2-0 is a judge for Valery and Blanko. The changes that Savareese tried – The Argentine Lucas Melano and the Colombian Dairy Aspilla – did not work. MBefore the end, Atlanta began to celebrate. And Gerardo Martino was through the big door to a new challenge.

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