"Geniuses of Argentina": Carlos Milanesi, the boy who moved everyone with the dedication of love for his father


Carlos Milanesi, the boy who moved everyone to "Genios de la Argentina" (video: "ShowMatch" – El Trece)

Program after program, Argentina's Geniuses, The new gift segment of Showmatch With that Marcelo Tinelli And his team travel all over the country, presenting moving stories. But What happened in last Friday's broadcast is unprecedented.

From the moment he appeared on the scene Carlos Milanesi, An 11-year-old boy from Utah, a city in Juji, the driver and his jury-intrigued Valeria Lynch, Patricia Sosa, Oscar MediaVilla And Guillermina ValdesThey felt "hypnotized", As described by Tinyelli's own pair. Their sympathy, their charisma and their particular story didn't take long to reach the depths of all the present.

"The clothes my father bought for me, he chose it," said the boy. The cameras focus on the man who was in the audience with the boy's mother, and It was hard to hide the tears. When the little boy was talking, he didn't even try to hide his emotion. It was impossible.

"I brought my dad who raised me five years ago and I feel like my blood dad Milanese confessed. He is Ariel Sysner And I love him because he raised me like a father and he was very good to me. He teaches me to sing. When I grow up I'm going to take the family sisneros, like him ".

Through tears, he asked the man as the child was like a son. He couldn't answer, but he raised his hands and opened his finger, indicating that it was "a ten."

"He is excited about this trip. It's been the first time we've climbed Flat. "My dad actually knew he was gonna have one, but my mom didn't even come up with a bird," joked Milanese.

When asked by Tinelli for a sense of flying for the first time, the boy said: "It was very nice. What I liked most is when it took off, it scared me ".

The young Juejo sang "Malagena" by Elpidio Ramirez (Video: "ShowMatch" – El Trece)

Uninhibited as if television is his thing from the day he was born, he said Already recorded a demo with eight themes And he sang the song "Malaga", from Elpidio Ramírez.

The public gave him the last pass with the green star and dedicated their heartfelt words, such as those of Oscar Media Villa: "You are a charming character. To all of us who are here, we liked to see you. You sing very well, and you are very young, but if you are going to pray to this, you have to work and educate the voice.

"There is no teacher to teach in my town, my dad teaches me. We practice every day, "said Milanese.

Guildman's wealthy, very excited, said: "You hypnotized me, I would pay a lot of money to see you. You are very polite and you are very connected with people ".

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