Gel Heat: The vaccination in the mercy will be only three


The Ministry of Health of Cordoba reported that as of January 15, the Misericordia hospital will begin to apply yellow fever vaccines only with a previous shift, which could be requested by telephone.

From Monday 7, call 0800 555 4141 on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday between 8 and 20, you can request a shift for vaccination.

Meanwhile, 70 doses are placed daily, so 70 daily shifts will be assigned to access a dose of the vaccine.

The provisions clarified that both other vaccination centers of Cordoba, such as the 12 in the provincial interior, will continue to grow with the current capacity.

Who should get vaccinated

The yellow fever vaccine has been reported for men aged 1 to 60 years of age. When you go to the vaccination, you need to bring your passport or ID and vaccination card.

The dose should be administered at least 10 days before traveling, and there is a single dose in life. Those who are planning a trip to risk areas are advised to consult their family doctor beforehand about the need to be vaccinated.

The other centers

  • Epidemiology vaccination, ex-hospital San Rouk (Rosario de Santa Fe 374), from Monday to Friday of 17 (50 doses).
  • Federal Health Delegation (under the Ministry of Health of the Nation, July 9, 356): Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday requires a call by telephone at 0351 4283399.


  • Gumersindo Sayago Hospital, Villa Carlos Paz (Brazil 137): Friday of 7.30 am (50 doses).
  • Hospital Abel Ayea, Marcos Juárez, (Belgrano 350): Monday and Tuesday from 7 (10 doses per day).
  • Public Assistance, Río Cuarto: Thursday, from 7.30 (70 doses).
  • Costa Rica Dispensary, Jesus Maria (Zipoli 700): Thursday, 8:00 to 13:00, requires a shift at 03525-443749.
  • Hospital Eurasphere, San Francisco: Tuesday and Thursday, 7-9 (30 doses).
  • Hospital Pasture, Villa Maria: Tuesday (every 15 days), 8-12 (70 doses).
  • Karkano hospital, Lobolaye: On request, call 03385-453242 / 453238.
  • Mina Klavero Regional Hospital: Friday (every 15 days), 8-13 (10 shifts).

That is

Yellow Fever is a viral infection that is transmitted by the bite of some mosquito species, and can eventually be fatal, so anyone who recommends 9 months of age to vaccinate.

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