Gaitán, in the Sights of Boca – 01/04/2015


After taking on his new role, Nicolas Burdisco did not stop for a second. His first mission as Sport Director of Boka was to get the successor of Barros Schelotto. And he did it quickly: He commented with Gustavo Alfaro and today the 56-year-old DT is a reality. But The ex-central continued with the calls and talked to world elite players so that they could connect and give a leap of quality to the squad. And now, it was the turn of Nicolas Gait.

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Olé He communicated with the 30-year-old offensive midfielder and confirmed that Boka's manager was chatting with the player. The intention? Without twists: That is a reinforcement for Alfaro. However, his return to the club where he played 98 games (scored 13 goals) between 2008 – won the Aertura that year – and 2010 – would be somewhat complicated Of the economic, and also because "Nico is very convenient wherever he is".

He debuted in 2008 in Boka, won that year's tournament and went to Benfica in 2010. In total, he played 93 games and scored 13 goals.

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Although the desire to return to the club where he debuted is always, and even by the picture he left. In fact, Did Roman Recycle not only acknowledge that he was "a brother" to himBut also in the last match of the wheel at the Bombonera before going to Benfica, Jerr asked not to leave the court, even though he was injured, "so Nicoro was cheated and given him the farewell he was deserved." A crack, obviously, with the Gaitan being shown in a meeting a few days ago.

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And where is Gaitán now? In the Dalian era, China played 28 games over 2018 and scored only two goals (he made nine assists). But despite that, now the desire of the player would be to have a Revenge at his current club. Luckily, it wasn't the first time that Boca flirted with him, in fact he also tried when the summit was in Madrid.

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Burdisco, for his part, so far spoken with Marcos Rojo, Walter Kannemann, ever Banega, Leo Paredes and even Moodo Vazquez. To the list, of course, Nico Gaitán has joined. For the time being, the manager didn't have any luck, but if he keeps buying …

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Román joined us for dinner with Clemente Rodríguez, Tito Noir and Nico Gaitán. (Instagram)

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