From the crushing of love to a son, his father almost did not see: the story of Verdonica Ojeda and Diego Maradona


Everything in the life of it Diego Maradona is full of contrasts and how it can be different, his love story (hate) with veroní oica OJEDA, too. In 14 years, the former footballer and his ex-girlfriend walked through everything: unconditional love, hospitalization, lost pregnancies, the birth of divuto Fernando, separation, new love, abandon and articles without responding and reuniting.

Flechazo and return to the neighborhood

Veronica and Maradona met in 2005, At the wedding of several friends in common. The crush was instantaneous, they were dancing and chatting all night, without paying attention to the couple. Two weeks later, he was at her family's table, at Villa Kosovo.

During the time they were together, she had a super low profile and tried to take him the way: "My life was him, and everyone knows what Diego was like, he was a lot of areas, he was home and had "He didn't come out. I knew he walked every night," he once said.

They are very rarely seen, only at the World Cup in South Africa 2010, when he was technical director of the National Team, she could know her face a little more. However, in the eight years that the relationship was perpetual, hermitism reigned.

OJID accompanies the football gets into the zincOr hospitalizations, some of them damaged for months and including heart and lung conditions, excess weight problems, Renal colic and even a dog bite.

It was that until then he was with many people, but none took this title "Woman and companion" That Claudia has woken up.

In 2009, the physical education teacher was pregnant for the first time, but after four months she lost the baby. Unlike what happened years later, she hardly knew what was happening, the ten who were in San Juan took a plane to accompany her.

The arrival of Dieguito Fernando, in the middle of the storm

In 2012, Ojeda announced her pregnancy and generated the discontent of his daughters, Dalma and Gianna. The only ones recognized until that moment (Diego Union still claimed the last name and Jana was a mystery): "Diego did not like it when I told him I was pregnant. He went to Dubai evil. I'm not happy. He left me and left, "he said a year later.

On February 14, 2013, Days Ahead, Verónica Ojeda gave birth to Dieguito Fernando. The little one lived 3,200 and his father's absence was noticeable since then. The former footballer has been working as a sports ambassador in Dubai for several months. She recently met her baby, accompanied by Rocío Oliva

In 2014, at a floating Reunion in Buenos Aires, in a parenthesis in the relationship between Maradona and his last girlfriendOjeda became pregnant again and in 14 weeks she lost her baby.

Without Diego Maradona, OJEDA and Diego Equinox Live By Gianna and Diego Junior

April 2016 Dieguito Fernando was operated, subject to a hydrophobic and to his disappointment with his mother, the baby's father did not appear. He did not call: "Diego is aware of the operation, I told Matias Morla on Saturday when I found out and I think he told him on Wednesday but he did not call at all, he did not communicate at all."

At the time, Gianinna and Claudia approached OJIDA, worried about the child's health.

Months later the little one was baptized, and again, the ten of them was the owner. Open to join the family, the blonde invited the sister of her son to the ceremony and Gianna attended. Even at that time The baby went to play with his nephew Bernine Aguero, at his half-sister's house.

That year, OJEDA also approached Diego a lot, The sun Maradona Had a napole with Cristiana Sinagra In 1986 and has not yet been recognized. In his transit through Argentina, the young Italian was very close to his father's ex and his little brother.

They are not the only ones who recognize the devo. It was also the case with Don Diego, who with his grandson from the first moment, visited him and attended his birthday, something the former soccer player did not.

The Yodle and his young son were reunited on January 2: "Dad, how I missed you, I love you"Little did he tell him, after months did not see each other until they passed the last birthday of the ten separated and the baby sent him a soft message through the networks. Later they saw again, without Ojida, Diego Diego's baby boy, the boy of Diego Junior's, and even the four Diego's together.

Last week a new meeting picture was broadcast, but this time it was different: OJEDA was present. In this case, it is important to note that the previous time, the blonde's brother or his parents were those who intervened in meetings so they would not cross.

Just like the rumors of reconciliation became strong: "Veronica is here how Diego's mother died, too"He said in Intruders The technical director of Dorado de Cinco: "When I was vacationing or when the therapist told me that diggos asked for my father, I was talking on the phone and I was telling him to take the first plane, my son was not taken by me or By order of (judge Norberto) next, there is no one to interpose, but that doesn't mean that in a month and a half he says he wants to see the father. From Taking Veronica, my son and the physiotherapist F Mexico? "

Whether it's just for the sun they have in general or for unfamiliar saying that "Where there was a fire, ashes were left, "Maradona and Edda are closer than ever, Or at least until Wednesday when he returns to Mexico. Love, lost pregnancies, lawyers, leave and unanswered calls … Many things happened from their separation until today, that life finds them again. Will this new union be last?

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